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Position Papers are an interesting part of student assignments that they have to complete during their academic life. They are termed as interesting because they allow students to take a position on a certain issue or problem and share views. They can be challenging as they require complete understanding and students may fail to do so, leading to unclear explanations. Therefore, students must be aware of the ways to write a position paper. Furthermore, students should know that they are much similar to reaction papers.

Ways of Writing Position Papers

The position papers are similar to reaction papers as both of them require a student’s personal views on the topic. Moreover, the student is not allowed to refer to outside resources. The student needs to present his or her views based on first hand experience of the topic, source, or issue.

The structure of the position paper should with a clear thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. This helps to indicate the position of the student in the paper. The student should support the topic with different arguments in the main body paragraph. Furthermore, a well versed position paper will always have opposing views. The conclusion should have a final take on the topic stated at the beginning of the paper. Most importantly, the student must make sure the content is unique and is free of plagiarism. Others’ ideas should not be presented without citing them.

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